Better Quality of Colors by Making the Best Materials


Variety of Colors and Products

BC Colour Factory

About us

Beautiful, one-of-a kind art experiences that inspire joy and delight - all through the lens of color.

Within each Color Factory location, visitors are invited to experience the joy of color through interactive installations, immersive rooms, and carefully curated moments. Color Factory collaborates with artists, art institutions, nonprofits, and brand partners to tell compelling stories that make life just a little more joyful.

Our Mission: Color Factory wants its visitors to experience artful wonder and to inspire them to bring that joy back into their everyday lives

We believe that the joy of color is a universal language and that color makes (most) people happy.

We deliberately grow in a way that gives back to each community we join.

The Best Materials

Use a wide variety of materials for high orders as well as suitable colors

Higher Quality

Quality of products using the best equipment and raw materials to improve quality

High Durability

The raw materials used in the products have a long shelf life for the colors

Best Lower Price

Optimal use of raw materials has caused costs to be much lower than expected

Variety of colors

The variety of color products in the paint factory has been able to meet the needs of our customers

Custom Colors

You may need custom colors so we can make them for you

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